CSView - A fast viewer for very large CSV files

page_hero_CSView - A fast viewer for very large CSV files

CSView is a lightweight viewer that displays the start of a data file immediately so there’s no waiting around for very large files to load. Using very little memory CSView can comfortably open files larger than 4GB.

With copy and paste functionality and selectable delimiter support CSView provides a fast, clean and simple way to access very large CSV files.


CSView is available from the Mac App Store for convenience on macOS for Intel macs, but you can also download Apple Silicon and Windows 64-bit builds from BitBucket.

Source code can also be downloaded from BitBucket.

Download on the Mac App Store

macOSApple Silicon (aarch64).dmg1.3.650.8 MB
macOSIntel (x86_64).dmg1.3.752.7 MB
WindowsIntel (x86_64).exe1.3.363.7 MB
Linux - GTKIntel (x86_64).jar1.3.317.8 MB

Download older versions


October 2023 - Beta for CSView 2.0 on macOS is now available. Please join via the Apple TestFlight service if you would like to test it.

March 2022 - Version 1.3.6 has been released with Apple Silicon support (aarch64). Unfortunately due to Java’s support for this I can’ t upload this build to the app store. You can get it directly from the BitBucket download page however.

October 2019 - Version 1.3.4 has been updated for compatibility with macOS Catalina. There are no new features in this release.

June 2019 - Version 1.3.3 has a number of bugfixes: high-DPI rendering is fixed on Windows, and CSV files with empty columns no longer cause alignment problems.

April 2019 - Version 1.3 now supports searching in files, high-DPI display resolutions and has improved rendering on MacOS Mojave.