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  Organise Asana Projects

I was faced recently with wanting to move Asana projects from one workspace to another. Unfortunately this isn't a feature in the Asana interface (yet).

Read more - 26 Sep 2013

  File sync and cloud storage client comparison

I've been trying out a number of file sync clients recently, finding that many are trying to solve the same problem and meeting with varying success. Here I review some of the different services I've looked at.

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SlimTweet tries to shorten a message by applying a set of rules. For example, and will be replaced by &, while it is will be replaced by it's.
Substitutions will be made one at a time until the message reaches a target length (140 characters by default).

Read more - 13 May 2013

  Plex, SSL and Nginx

How to set up a SSL-encrypted gateway in front of the Plex media server using Nginx as a reverse proxy

Read more - 24 Mar 2013

  Resampling for fun and profit

I'm a co-author on a paper which was presented at RTNS this year. Sadly I didn't have time to attend the conference, but it's nice to have been able to contribute!
Re-Sampling for Statistical Timing Analysis of Real-Time Systems

Read more - 06 Dec 2012

  ExtJS 4.1.1a Repository Update

Another update to the repository today. ExtJS is bumped to version 4.1.1a, and the latest version of GXT - 3.0.1, also gains a new root in the repository.

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  Dynamic Disqus Instantiation

I needed to use Disqus from a GWT app, so I needed to solve the problem of loading threads on demand as virtual pages in the app were changed.
A small amount of reverse engineering and experimentation led me to construct a utility class.
I also posted this answer on Stack Overflow.

Read more - 28 Aug 2012


A quick and easy way to sort your Twitter followers
Get a better understanding of who’s following you
Prioritise who you want to build relationships with
Download the data and keep records

Read more - 02 May 2012

  Spotify for Linux media keys

Spotify can be controlled on Linux using DBUS commands. These can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts.

Read more - 11 May 2011